Feb 232013
Naked Cowboy Dollar Bill – Stamped Money 3.50/5 (70.00%) 4 votes

Brett found this Naked Cowboy dollar bill recently, but doesn’t remember where he got it from. He isn’t sure what the Naked Cowboy stamp means in relation to the $1 bill. He did a Google search came up with this the following two links.



Brett really hopes that this bill is from the Naked Cowboy, and I do too. In the articles, I couldn’t find anything saying that the bills were stamped, but I have a feeling that they were. Maybe someone who was at Times Square on August 5th could shed some light on this. I will be also sending a tweet to the Naked Cowboy himself, and maybe he will comment on this post?

Note: From time to time, you will see me blur out part of the serial number on a bill. This is to protect the bill from fake WheresGeorge updates.

Naked Cowboy Dollar Bill

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